Important Guideline for Drupal Developer to Build Successful Web Application


Drupal is the most flexible CMS present for users for websites & web application development. But how to achieve this flexibility, how is it really unleashed? The answer to this question is the expertise you gain from years of coding and when you start performing customization. Someone who performs that is known as a Drupal Developer. So, what are the important things that a Drupal developer must expertise? In this post, important things are mentioned for Drupal 8 Development  to be a successful in application development industry.

  1. Command-Line Interface

Command Line interfaces have their own importance since the inception of computers. One might consider them not important these days. But that is not the situation. For Drupal having prior knowledge of CLI helps to perform repetitive tasks easier. Particularly when Drupal has its own CLI tool named Drush. Using Drush and implementing it in your daily development practices makes a lot of tasks simpler.

  1. Knowledge of PHP and Its Framework

This point is essential for anyone planning to get into Drupal development. PHP is the most used programming language and also the language upon which Drupal is developed. Drupal 7 was developed upon a custom PHP framework, Drupal 8 is based on Symfony. This means to be a successful Drupal developer it is important to be familiar with PHP and its different frameworks.

  1. Twig Templating Engine

It would be of utmost advantage to a Drupal 8 Web Development to have expertise about templating in general. Twig engine has become a very important asset in Drupal. That is because with Drupal 8 it moved to Symfony framework, making the knowledge of Twig essential in regards to the development of Drupal CMS.

  1. Package Managers

Package Managers have made the job of developers simple. In Drupal, it has made installation of external libraries and frameworks simpler. One of the most popular one right now is composer, through which it is simple to install tools including Drush and smoothly manage dependencies.

  1. Drupal Security Updates

Drupal is known as the most secured CMS but being an open source CMS it is no stranger to security attacks. Although the security team of Drupal works 24/7 to prevent newer threats and release patches and updates, it is ultimately up to the maintainer of a Drupal site to update their own site to keep it safe and secure.

  1. Knowledge of Drupal Modules

Knowing what modules are relevant for the most common functionalities saves crucial time for a developer. Some of the reputed Drupal modules that are mostly installed on all Drupal websites are:

  • Panels
  • Views
  • Ctools
  1. Drupal Modules Bank

One of the key points of Drupal success is the presence of modules. For each and every website requirements, there are different modules available that can guide you. With diverse versions and maintenance needs, the knowledge of modules becomes an advantage. As a developer at Drupal Development Company India, you should be aware of all aspects regarding how the modules can be optimized and the website can be improved in the best way possible. There are over 3k themes and 50k active modules on for users to implement.

  1. Styling Expert

After theming and modules, another important thing to pick up is the style guide. To enjoy an amazing user experience and comfort, the design must be engaging in web development. But to be a successful Drupal developer, you must build the style guide and pattern libraries having basic typography and color palette. Remember, there are several minute details that define the website styling.

Wrapping Up:

So, these are the important guidelines that every Drupal developer must be aware of to ensure successful web application development for clients. If face any trouble with development work reach out to Drupal community for expert guidance.